An Unexpected Snow Storm

Before this moment, I felt lost. Unsure about where my life was heading. Is it strange to say that you were my salvation? My reason for everything.  Darling, you are my light and I am the darkness.  I have found myself in your arms and this cold body is warm again.  It isn’t to say that you, or we, are perfect, far from it, but we face all struggles hand in hand and bravely face the storm.  

I took your hand under the arch, was I shivering because of the cold? Or the nerves.  But there, looking into your eyes, I knew this was THE moment. The moment that would define all others.  I loved you. 

I submit myself to you, to us, to this strange adventure called life that we will go in together.  

Are you ready? I am. 

Shrouded in snow, two lovers take their vows under snow dusted jeffrey pines.  Hand in hand, wrapped tightly around one another we find ourselves witnessing this moment.

I wanted this stylized shoot to make nods to dark and moody aesthetic, of those renegade lovers who love drama, color and the darkness of life.  I imagined an elopement in the Los Padres forest, two individuals who could come together and who exuded sensual energy.  We imagined that after the festivities were done, they’d share their bed together, nestled on the floor, candles a plenty, and a wood burning stove in full force behind them. Romantic, rustic, gothic.

We had the amazing opportunity to work with some amazing vendors to shoot this stylized shoot.  It features rich and moody colors and an gothic, alternative vibe.  Our models Madie Mae and Richard were both amazing! Every person in the team stepped up and killed it, despite the unexpected snow storm.  Thank you to Camp St. Nicholas in Frazier Park for hosting the shoot as a backdrop to their “wedding day.” And also–thank you to Cottage Garden in Frazier Park for making such stunning center pieces and florals.  Makeup is done by the amazing Meredith Makeup Design and Hair by Jacob Hairnandez! Dress by the fabulous ladies over at Enchanted Bridal Boutique in Bakersfield!

Thank you everyone for coming together and making something so magical come to life!

Why Eloping Is For You

Does the idea of having all your extended family and friends you haven’t seen in years at your wedding chill you to the bone? Are you dreading that family reunion and years of family resentment surfacing on your wedding day?  Do you find the whole traditional wedding thing rather–well, silly?

If so, eloping may be for you.

Not Everyone is a “Wedding Person” And that’s Okay! 

I personally never dreamed of my wedding day, I wasn’t one of those type of people.  Some of my friends knew even before saying “Yes!” what their wedding colors were going to be.

And I was like, “What is a wedding color?”

I love throwing parties, but hate being the center of attention.  The mere idea of not being behind my camera kind of terrifies me.

And honestly, isn’t a wedding suppose to be a commitment between two people and a witness? Why is Aunt Sally, who I haven’t seen since I was 13, suddenly invited to the best day of my life?

We already struggle with coping with our normal day-to-day balance between stress and good vibes mannn–and here we are, adding even more to our life. Call the Dj? Call the caterer?

For wedding people, this planning process is the fun part! They thrive on the details.

For non wedding people? Stress.

I can’t even be bothered.


Eloping Can Save You Some Money–And, You Get an Immediate Vacay! 

The average couple spends over $27,000 on a wedding.  Yes, there were three zeros and a comma after that twenty-seven. People always joke, “Imagine where we could go with all that money?” Elopers say, “Yeah, let’s go somewhere awesome AND save money.”

And you don’t have to worry about your Aunt Sally judging your mother about the florist she used when your cousin’s florists for her wedding was just OH SO MUCH BETTER. **cue eyeroll**


Ditch Aunt Sally and all the family drama and why don’t you say your “I Dos” on top of a mountain top?

Maybe high altitude or pinon pines isn’t your thing, but what you’re really into is beachside in Big Sur for your potential elopement?

Embrace the love between you and your partner, intimately and leave behind the stress of having to deal with everyone else.  And when you’re done? It’s just the two of you snuggled away somewhere enjoying the vacation you’re on.

Cheers to love and romance!

You’re ready to Elope, but Wait! How????

First off, congratulations. You have chosen a radical act of love.  You have chosen adventure.  Now the fun begins!

Choose your location

Yes, it sounds pretty simple.  Go ahead and choose where you want to get married. You can go over to Lonely Planet and look at their list of best places to elope.   Or think about what kind of setting you want to be wed in.  You can choose to be surrounded in the pines in the Los Padres National forest, one of my favorite elopement hidden gems. High up on the mountains, surrounded by trees and views for days. What a wonderful location to say “I do!”


You can choose an international route, why not amongst the green coastal backdrop of an Irish coastal town? Why not? Am I right?

Or you can always go for a classic, Las Vegas.


Either way, the choice is yours and that is what makes eloping so great.

Be cautious however, some countries still do not allow same-sex marriage.  Make sure to look up the laws in the country you’re hoping to elope to.

Find an Officiant

You’re still going to need someone to marry you both.  If you want a friend, it’s a 15 minute process online. Probably the easiest route.

If you want someone professional, and believe me, it pays to have someone who knows what they’re doing marry you, there are plenty of amazing options and great people who are easy to find on Wedding Wire!


Don’t Forget Your Marriage License! 

There can be some confusion depending on where you plan on eloping to in regards to marriage license.  It’s better to be safe and sorry and just go down to your local registrars office and get the paperwork out of the way there, but if you insist on not actually marrying each other until your ceremony, make sure you understand the rules and requirements for marriage.  For instance, some places require more than one witness.  Whatever may be your location of choice case, make sure you research that state or countries requirements beforehand.

Don’t forget when you’re back from your awesome elopement, to file that bad boy so you’re official and legally married.

Hire a Destination Photographer! 

Even if you’re eloping you’re going to want to capture the love and story of your day.  Some people want the entire process documented, from the travel, to the ceremony and a special couple’s session the day after.  I happen to know a pretty great photography and videography team.

If you’re looking to elope and want a down to earth, adventurous, fun, and introverted photographer and videographer, you can look no further!  Head over to our contact page and send us some details and let’s get the ball rolling!

Cheers to Love everyone and looking forward to talking to you soon!

Love and Light,